Livion Connect

The communication platform for internet of things and industrial internet

Livion Connect

Livion Connect is a secure software platform that allows you to form a real-time connection between gateway devices, user interfaces and backend services. SDK included in the platform enables rapid development of solutions.



It's always on. Real time and secure connections over SSL to devices in field.


Backend services can be run in either in your laptop or in datacenter to scale for millions of devices and users.


Addings new services and user interfaces is a breeze thanks to our flexible and modular SDK and highly optimized workflow.

Remote updates

Devices in the field can be updated remotely.

Cost effective

Our software runs on almost any hardware which enables the use of cost effective gateway devices.

Building blocks


Gateway devices connect your machines to internet and it can operate through the firewalls.

Gateway takes care of handling of the connection via ethernet, WLAN or 3G, It also provides automatic updates. Optionally it also supports data storage and local connections.


Gateway software is implemented independent of the platform. We recommend you use Livion Connect Box device, which platform is best optimized.

Local connections

Gateway device software has built in support for connections over HTTP, web socket, ModBus TCP/IP and ModBus RTU. We support for Zigbee, BT4.0 and OPC UA is under development.

Backend services

Backend core features are devices and users access management as well as message routing between entities and remote terminal access.

Additional services include device software updates, big data storage, event logging and sending SMS, email or push notificatios based on device or user events.

We take care of operating the backend services which run on Google Compute Engine. It is also possible to create standalone customer instances.

User interface templates

Our SDK includes mobile optimized and responsive HTML5 application template as a base for developing high quality and modern end user interfaces.

Devices and users can be managed via Livion Connect management application. Do you want to Monitor device connection status, update devices, create remote terminal access, open live trend or transfer files to / from device? All can be done via HTML5 browser.

Livion Connect Box

Cost effective, secure & field-proven end-to-end solution

Completes the IoT data stream

Easy installation

Key features

Enables real-time remote monitoring and controlling via internet and mobile devices

Sends automated intelligent alerts and reports from data provided by connected sensors

Can communicate with other systems

Supports many types of connections

Ethernet, Wifi, 3G, USB, Modbus, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, serial port...

Other protocols also possible by using commercial USB converters

Livion can offer integration & installation services upon request

Contact us to discuss unit pricing and service level dependent monthly fees!

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